Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A cut above

Sorry, didn't have my camera with me so you're just going to have to use your imagination for this one! I was beginning to look a bit like a shaggy dog in desperate need of a hair cut, but needed keep the purse strings tight this month in anticipation of next week's trip. Instead of heading for the luxurious, totally indulgent and relaxing salon, I chose to slum it at the cheap and cheerful 1000 yen (about £6.50) cut shop.

It's a no frills, no appointment necessary outfit, along the lines of Supercuts back home. Only of course this is Japan, so they've managed to squeeze in a bit more technology and they are super polite. I went in the evening so I could be child free, and I was the only customer so didn't have to wait at all. Bought my ticket at the vending machine and was ushered to a chair by a very nice lady who draped me with a gown and made me very comfortable. Not half as comfortable at the fancy shop on the 3rd floor, but I'm not complaining (I'll tell you about that another day). My bag is stashed away in a cupboard behind the mirror so that it doesn't get covered in hair. One of the things I really feel uncomfortable with when I visit a salon is having to stare at my own reflection, but here there is a TV screen showing the latest news updates, a great distraction, even if I can't actually read the majority of it! My stylist asked what I wanted (just a trim, wasn't about to risk anything too drastic) and set to work. Ten minutes later and she was done. Then came the highlight for me... she pulled out a long hose with a soft brush on the end from the side of the mirror and hoovered my head! What a fantastic idea! It got rid of all those prickly bits of hair that usually get stuck in your collar and down your back, far, far more effective than the quick brush off you get from a salon back home. And then finally, she presented me with a shibori (wet towel) to wipe my hands with before saying 'Otsukaresamadeshita' ('thank you for your hard work!') and bowed until I was out of sight. Hardly slumming it, eh?


  1. What a pleasant surprise to have a rather nice experience at a place famous for speed rather than service. And what a great price, hey? I'm always amazed to hear how much you *can* spend here!

  2. Man.. no picture? Bummer.. did it come with a foot massage?

  3. Hehe I love that about Japan! I stupidly Chapatsud my hair once so I wanted to dye it back and they had little ear covers -like tiny shower caps! :P

  4. Hi Heather,

    Well, it certainly saved me a few pennies, but I think it would be worth it to save up and go for a better cut next time! xxx

    Hi April,

    lol, not foot massage here, not even a head/neck massage! I'm going to treat myself at the posh place next time! xxx

    Hi Lorraine,

    hahaha, very stylish! They think of everything here, don't they? Mind you, my hairdresser back home serves me a glass of wine while I get pampered. The posh place doesn't even serve a glass of iced water! xxx