Monday, 28 June 2010

Mum's visit

Last month was busy, lost of sightseeing with special guests! Mum came to visit, staying for two weeks (which flew by). She was here for Mother's Day, and so I took her for a weekend in Kyoto - as much a treat for me as well as her, as I'd never been! We stayed in a traditional ryokan (a Japanese-style inn with a tatami room, futon on the floor, etc.), wandered the streets for hours, ate and ate and ate...

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  1. HOw gorgeous! I have always wanted to go to Kyoto too as it looks beautiful-as your shots have shown! :D

  2. Hi Lorraine,

    Perhaps you could persuade JAL to whisk you on a gourmet tour of Japan! Wouldn't that be amazing? I'm sure it would totally pay off for them - your stories and photos could really give a boost the tourism industry! xxx

  3. angela,
    loved it , thanks for sharing, your mother looks very fit and young.
    the kids are gorgeous!
    love candace

  4. Ooh that was lovely! I like the Smilebox idea...awesome.
    The ninja dog was sooo cute!