Tuesday, 21 September 2010


We had a birthday! Actually, it was last week. Somehow the days pass without me hardly noticing and I get so far behind in reporting on our happenings...

My baby is 3! Yikes, can you believe it? And the excitement... I think she has the idea that she is catching up with her brothers in age :-) Certainly, she thinks that she can do whatever they can. Especially now that she has a bike!

She still hasn't got the hang of peddling, but clever bike has a handle on the back (which can control the steering) for me to push her along. Not so easy to keep under control when heading down a hill, I've found.

And the cake. Ah yes, the cake. The Anpanman (Japanese kiddie cartoon character) that she requested daily in the run-up to her birthday...

Well, she was happy with it in the end. But the conversation when she first saw it went something like this:

Me: M, wake up! Come and see your cake!
M: Anpanman cake!
Me: Tadaaa!
M: ...
Me: What's wrong?
M: Don't like it.
Me: What?!
M: I want Baikinman (Anpanman's foe)...


  1. Happy Birthday M!! Cake conversation :( Shou did that with his shinkansen this year. But mummy, I wanted a front end loader or whatever it was.

  2. Aww how sweet! Happy third birthday M! :D And that exchange at the end, so sweet and funny :P I think I probably did something similar with my parents :P

  3. Awhh, Happy Birthday! She looks so grown up with her long hair. I'm glad she appreciated the cake in the end - she can have Baikinman next year when I'm sure she'll be wanting something else! ;)

  4. Meggie says, 'Thank you, GW'! Our kids live dangerously, eh? Well, they could always have a boring old 'whipped cream and fruit' Japanese birthday cake next year! xxx

    Thanks, Lorraine! Hehe, I probably did, too! xxx

    Hi Umebossy! I haven't cut her hair yet and I think it's starting to get a bit too long... but I don't want to cut it :-( xxx