Saturday, 8 January 2011

Happy New Year!

And here are a few reasons why this New Year is so happy for me:

I have my very own copies of Stella's cook books! We were at her house for dinner on Christmas Day and she handed me a present from dear Minori-san, telling me that I had to open it straight away, and I quite literally jumped for joy as I tore back the paper :-D

We have added to our family! Bingo is a 7 month old toy poodle, and a new best friend for the kids. He is the biggest softie and is coping with our family very well! He loves the kotatsu...

What's not to like about a kotatsu? Oh, and our house is much warmer than it was last year, even though it is freezing outside! K sealed off all the draughts and you wouldn't believe the difference. Will I still be feeling warm in February? Dunno, but one thing that is making me especially happy at the moment is the fact that I now have our flights booked for a visit to the UK in March, so that alone is enough to help me get through the coldest months!

I am happy to see that the New Year decorations hang around much longer than the Christmas decorations did (they get taken down on Christmas Eve here, to make way for the New Year goodies).

2011 is the year of the rabbit. And M loves rabbits. Especially Miffy :-)

Here's to a very, very happy year! xxx


  1. Happy New Year!
    Love the pic of Bingo on the Kotatsu-who doesn't love a kotatsu!! We used to joke that my flatemate looked like a turtle when she layed under it-all you could see was a small head and feet occassionally!

    Here's hoping winter isn't too bad in Feb-not looking forward to leaving the beautiful sunshine for that.

  2. Happy New Year Angela and family! And glad to hear that you're staying snuggly warm although it must be very exciting to know that you'll be going back to the UK soon! :D

  3. I can see M's excitement in that picture- a whole year of Miffy- what's not to love! And your puppy is seriously cute to boot!