Friday, 11 February 2011


It is very rare for our town to see snow that actually sticks around where we live. So when the boys got up this morning, there was no time wasted by getting changed out of their pyjamas (or even putting on a coat, for that matter).

I, on the other hand, stayed inside and watched from the (relatively) warm.

I know that my friends in the north of the country are laughing... you call that snow?! Yep. Maybe even enough to get me out of spending the afternoon at SIL's!


  1. Lucky ducks!!

    Know the feeling too well, so trivial for us to have so little and rejoicing but it really is a rare treat, especially enough to build a snowman.

    I guess no snow tyres so no driving! Same here. They even cancelled kindy here when it snowed :(

  2. You're the first one I thought of when I saw our snowfall this morning, wondering how much you got there. Thanks for sharing the pictures. And we couldn't have asked for it to fall on a better day - a national holiday so the kids can play outside as long as they want and hubbies needn't drive. Heaven!

  3. hehe growing up in Australia means that even the lightest snow is definitely snow to us! :D

  4. How long did it stick around for you? We had snow pretty much all day on Friday but it only started to lie in the late afternoon. Some still in evidence on Saturday morning but it was all gone soon after that :(

  5. The pics from inside made me laugh. I think almost all my pics of the girls playing in the snow are from the same angle- the standing in the genkan angle!

    That's quite a snowman you guys built!

  6. Well they may laugh but to me it looks good. I have never actually seen snow so you are a step ahead of me!

    I love the first photo - so pretty!

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