Saturday, 10 January 2009

Eat your greens

Today was a 'So I'll just pack my bags and leave, shall I?' kind of day. Horrid, horrid, horrid - what a waste of a Saturday! Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with the details. Anyway, feeling somewhat better now. Moving on...

K has had the results from his health check. I've been telling him for years that it just isn't healthy to eat crisps by the multi-bag-full and ramen for breakfast, but it takes a simple piece of paper for him to take notice! His liver is suffering the consequences of this daily abuse, and so with immediate effect he has decided it is time to eat properly. Which will be very good for me, as he will no longer be filling the cupboards with junky snacks for me to be tempted by. Size 10 here I come!

Decided I needed to break away from my beloved Nigella books for a change, and experiment with some local produce. Found this vegetable, no idea what it is called (in Japanese or English) but it looks a little like sprouting broccoli:

Anyway, it's green so must be healthy! I used it to make a stir-fry with some sliced shiitake, garlic, soy sauce and a splash of yakiniku sauce I found in the fridge, which went down well even with the boys. I served it with some chicken wings, which J liked so much he sucked the bones clean! They were just marinaded and roasted, very simple:

Wholegrain Mustard Marinade

2 teaspoons lemon juice
4 tablespoons wholegrain mustard
2 cloves garlic, crushed
2 tablespoons olive oil

Unfortunately I'd already made dessert before learning of the health check results, so K forced himself to eat some of the strawberry and cream gateau and the children helped to ensure that he wouldn't have to do so again tomorrow.

I'm still trying to be good (apart from the Cocoa-Cola cupcakes) - haven't had chocolate in days...


  1. please don't stop the yummy looking bad foods all together!! Hope the health kick works for hub - and you ;) A size 10 - all I want to do now is stuff face with all foods can't get in Japan!! One day....

  2. bring on the Gateau.. did you use almond flour? We have been eating a lot of Nabe, but add much extra water than needed to reduce the salt intake ( I hate salt) but hubbie likes it. Nothing tastes better than nice greens with olive oil..

    I usually eat a grilled pork bento.. 680 kal I think...but then it lacks the greens.... How I went down a dress size was I walked for an hour, watching what I eat, water, water.. but not really dieting.. mostly having things in moderation... Now I use a pedometer.. if you start.. let me know we can log it together = )

  3. A few years ago my father in law decided I should grow your mystery vegetable to make some money.... it is called nabana or nanohana in Japanese and although there are some other names I think it is rape flower buds in English. In fact this plant was the motivation for starting my own blog. If you want to see the suffering that people go through to get it to your table check out this link:
    I hope you enjoy it! It is supposed to be very healthy....

  4. Jo, it was really tasty! Will definately cook with it again - any recommendations as to what to do with it? Rape is grown profusely in our village back home, and the pollen causes havoc (for me, too)! I thinks it is only grown for the oil in the UK, I had no idea that you could eat it.

  5. Girl Japan, I have to be very careful with nut products :( , but if I were allowed to have peanut butter in the house I'm sure I'd be a dress size larger!

  6. Nanohana--one of my favorite greens. I just stir fry it (with the water still clinging to it from giving it a good rinse, no oil needed) and then poor a little shoyu with karashi mixed in it. Very yummy. And dead easy (the key to everything I cook).