Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Ketchi King

Have just been watching 'Britain's Tightest' and it made me realise just how stingy K can be!! At the end, the winner was caught (horror of horrors) using one teabag to make 3 cups of tea! K wins, hands down. He uses the same teabag for days, drying it out each time. The camera followed one tightwad around the supermarket as she was waiting for food to be marked down, 'Doesn't everyone shop like that? she asks - um, they do in our house. As a prime example, tonight's dinner was sashimi (hurrah, all I had to do was cook the rice and soup). In order to be able to eat a treat like this, K heads for the supermarket after 8pm as that's the time the fresh produce gets reduced. He has been known to go early and hide the stuff he has his eye on at the back so no-one else finds it! It's become a bit of a sport...

For those of you who are reading from the UK, sashimi is raw fish. Sushi is generally (but not always) raw fish with specially prepared rice. Here you can see K that feasted on raw salmon, sea bream, yellow tail and scallops. It is served on finely shredded daikon (mouli raddish) and shiso (saspirilla) leaves, which I made K eat as he now has to eat more healthily. After this he ate zenzai, which is hot azuki bean soup with toasted mochi (rice cake) dropped in the middle.

To be fair though, I must admit that when K goes out one one of his bargain hunts he nearly always comes home with some chocolate for me - so perhaps he's not that tight after all!

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  1. 'Doesn't everyone shop like that? Yes!!! Well, those who want to keep money, those who are smart.. but it does get awfully irritating. My husband buys sushi and bentos.. we shop at night, usually at Jusco when it all is marked down.

    I calculated one day when I thought (my hubby was KECHI)but what he is doing right.. on so many levels. One day I tried it, I bought something that was 30 yen off.. when I added that little bit up at 7 days if we saved 30 yen, we would have saved over 10000yen a year..

    I generally duck and hide while he scoops in like a phantom when the sushi goes 50% off..