Monday, 15 November 2010

Live action!

Just been into the boys' room to open the shutters and noticed something exciting happening in the fish tank (occupied not by fish, but a zarigani (crayfish) J and W decided to home during the summer). A good few weeks ago, K decided that it was time for the zarigani to be released back into the wild, when he noticed a clutch of eggs tucked under her tail! Needless to say, Mrs Z got transferred to a larger, nicer tank for observation over the coming weeks, and...

There look to be hundreds of tiny babies about to be dropped. We are pretty sure that mum with start to eat her offspring straight away, so K has suggeested that I transfer her to a different tank as soon as possible... um, would you want to stick your hand in there?!


  1. Oh wow! How amazing-especially for the kids to see this! :D

  2. That is too cool!

  3. very cool. Not so cool that she feels the need to eat her offspring, although at times (namely long haul flight) I would have done anything for a minute of peace and quiet.

  4. I taught a student (grown woman to boot) whose hobby was breading water creatures. She had all sorts of getups in all the rooms of her house but I remember her nurseries were decidedly lowtech- a little sieve at the top of the tank with the babies in it.

    And what great timing you have!

  5. Um...nope! I would definitely be keeping my hand dry and in a tank-free zone!
    I can just imagine how you will share the news of the babies' arrivals with us...
    'It's a boy, and a girl, and a boy, and a girl, and a boy, and a boy, and a girl...' ad infinitum..
    Ok, I think I've had too much red cordial today.