Sunday, 7 November 2010


When we moved here just two years ago, our little church used to meet in our pastor's home. The church was very few in number, but our family's arrival added another five to their congregation and things were getting more than a little snug! We relocated our Sunday service to M & H's home, but it was a temporary move and we knew that when they returned from the US we would need to find somewhere else to meet. And just look at what we found!

Nestled between rice fields and lakes lies this old farm house. Not exactly what you'd expect a church to look like, eh? But as soon as we saw it, we knew that it would be perfect. The large building on the left is the church building, with a large (warehouse-type) room for worship, a kitchen and bathroom downstairs, and three large, bright and airy rooms upstairs, as well at a prefab building joining the church to the pastor's house (below).

Isn't the house lovely? The location is so beautiful and peaceful.

As you can see, there is still an awful lot of work (and money!) needed to complete the renovations, but today was a big day for us as we held a special dedication service for the church. Members from our sister churches in the area came to join us, and we hosted around 100 visitors for the celebration - it was a full house, with every seat taken!

It was a wonderful service, the building was filled with singing and praise! And of course, there was an amazing spread of food...

From meeting in someone's living room to this... wow! :-D Talk about prayers being answered!

Watch this space - God is working here!


  1. Amazing, God is awesome and truely does answer prayer. From humble beginings he will rise up!

    Our church is celebrating 60 years this year. It too was initially held in someones loungeroom but is now held in a purpose built building which in 15 years has been fully paid off. God has provided you a place and he will provide the finances.

    Hope it's not too cold in winter now there is lots of space between people!!!

  2. What a lovely church it is going to be. I love to see churches growing. I certainly wish yours all the best!

  3. How absolutely wonderful Angela! I'm soo happy for you! :D