Tuesday, 14 December 2010


How about heading down to your local Aeon shopping centre to check out what is on offer...

You reckon that looks good? Well, for a start, it's plastic (in case you're an overseas reader, this is quite normal). But that's not what I'm getting at! Look closer! Do you see what I see?

Why yes, that IS a dead cockroach! Not hungry any more? Me neither. Actually, I spotted this just a week after we spotted large cockroaches running around the sushi shop just a few doors down! Back home, these shops would be shut down immediately. Not here. Cockroaches are everywhere and are generally ignored. We didn't even get an apology after having asked a staff member to get rid of the two nasty beasts under our table - oh, to have had Gordon Ramsay dining with us that evening!

Sorry if I put you off your lunch.

Perhaps this'll make you smile:

It's a children's bowling ball :-)


  1. Is that Aeon as in the English language school? :o And ew nothing kills hunger more than cockroaches dead or alive :P

  2. Ewwwwwww! How could they not notice that???

    And NQN- don't worry- not the same AEON at all. Weird though, huh?

  3. Is the cockroach plasticised too? Maybe it's actually part of the dish!