Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Sew much fun

I have a brand new nephew! He arrived in the early hours of November 28th, and oh how I wish I could meet him and have a cuddle!

Waaay back, as soon as I heard that my sister's family would be welcoming a new addition, I signed up for Kelly's {Make} A Bag Sew Along. Having recently acquired a sewing machine, I was smitten with the idea of making Kelly's bag and accessories as a 'baby bag', something cheerful for carrying nappies, wipes, goodies for big bro' and the like. Now, I am a complete beginner who barely knows how to thread the machine, but Kelly's tutorial instructions are so detailed and easy to understand that even I could follow along (just don't ask me how many times I sewed fabric pieces together the wrong way round)! And in doing so, I picked up so many techniques that by the end of the project I was even brave enough to create an extra item all by myself (sorry, I spend all my waking hours with a 3 year old by my side!).

I chose bright, summery fabrics to match the season in Australia, but still managed to find coordinating Japanese prints. And look inside! It's lined and has pockets! (Can you tell how excited I am that I could ever make something like this?)

And here's a peep at what went inside:

And inside that:

I had a few strips of fabric left over, just enough to piece together a changing mat - OK, I confess that I rushed this a little and so it might not last the distance ;-)

I enjoyed this sew along so very much that I can't wait to join in another! I've definitely caught the sewing bug, no longer am I afraid of my machine... I am now even brave enough to crank up the speed dial :-D Following Kelly's beautifully presented instructions has given me a new found confidence, and I can see myself making patchwork covers for anything that might gather dust in the house (watch out kids)!


  1. Congratulations on the new addition. Baby cuddles. Seem like an age ago. Wow on the sewing. Very clever. I'd probably end up throwing machine out window into rice paddy. I think it looks fantastic.

  2. wow that's beautiful. I wonder what you'll whip up for kindy next year!!!

    Congrats on becoming an aunty again too!

  3. Seriously gorgeous bag. I love the material and your sewing skills kick butt! I'm afraid I overdid it sewing for kinder and am still on strike- a year and a half later. The machine scares me!

  4. Congratulations! :D And what a gorgeous bag, it reminds me of Cath Kidston designs :D

  5. That`s a lovely bag (and a great day your niece/nephew chose to be born on :), same as Alex`s bday :)