Saturday, 13 June 2009

This and that

Still here. Keep meaning to write stuff, but sleep seems more important at the moment - the days are so busy, I start to nod off as soon as I sit in front of the computer...

W is VERY happy today. K always buys the boys a 'Homerun Bar' (ice-cream lolly thing) on their way home from karate. He got very excited when he saw this:

It's a lucky stick ('atari!'), he just has to take it to the shop and exchange it for another bar for free - a six year old's dream!

He's also very happy because his teeth have started to fall out. And no, I don't mean that he hasn't been looking after them, just that he is finally losing his milk teeth. He's been pretty envious of J's visits from the tooth fairy (yes, she does come to Japan, although she did get lost on her first trip here and arrived a day late) and now it's his turn. He was so impatient with the length of time the first one was taking to come out that he enrolled big bro's help and indulged in some DIY dentistry:

In the end, it fell out of it's own accord when he got to school the next day. Thank goodness. What is it about wobbly teeth that make me so sqeamish, especially when they're really ready to come out?

Just before I head for my bed, and going back to the 'atari' thing,
does anyone out there know if Curls (those cheese corn puffs in yellow bags) also do 'atari', like a lot of Japanese treats do? K found this in a bag yesterday:

For the uninitiated, the curl on the left is your bog-standard curl. The one on the right looks like a headless baby. Well, if he's hit the jackpot with it... ooops, he ate it.


  1. ha how cute the little boy. No wonder he wanted his tooth to fall out. he gets a present :)

  2. Hehe yes! If I had gotten that stick that would have made my week as a kid (or month!). And I love seeing things in food too. It does look like a headless baby! There was a piece of ceereal that looked like E.T. (The Extra Terrestrial) here.

  3. Hi Snooky,

    They don't know about the tooth fairy here in Japan, we brought that tradition with us from the UK. I think most Japanese kids throw their teeth up on the roof for luck... xxx

    Hi Lorraine,

    Yeah, me too! Isn't that curl freaky?! hahaha, E.T. cereal - classic! xxx

  4. Your kids are adorable.. haha They are just so cute!!! E.T. Cereal... I love it...

  5. Thanks GJ! You OK now? What's this about the dogs throwing up all over you? Honey-chan still poorly? xxx

  6. Had to laugh at the DIY dentistry- M has lost 6 teeth so far and A is mortified that she hasn't yet. I caught her and M trying to 'make them wobbly'. Agghhhhh!! Not my 3yo!!

    And there are sooo many treats here with 'atari' aren't there? K's mum has been using the same laundry soap for 40 odd years now waiting for her 'atari' sign so she can claim a pearl....

  7. oooh, 3 is a bit soon! W was very patient, waiting more than 6 and a half years for the first one to fall out. lol at your MIL trying to win a pearl! Both J and W have had enough Chocoball 'atari' to claim a pack of Kyero-chan goodies...