Sunday, 13 September 2009

Time flies, my little flutterby...

Gosh, M's two! How did that happen? She was still a baby last time I looked... now she's a proper little madam! I decided to invite the rellies over for an English style party tea, it was all very girly - can you guess the theme?

Yes, I know they're fairy cakes (and not just fairy cakes, I'll have you know, they are made with murasaki imo (purple potato?) and cream cheese frosting) but we also call them butterfly cakes. M loves butterflies. There's a TV programme on in the mornings that sometimes features a butterfly dance...

You must have worked it out by now, but just in case...

Really, I should have coloured the icing pink, but I thought it was a bit much given the colour of the actual cake underneath all that frosting. It was a Red Velvet cake and was, indeed, very, very red. Not very cakey though, kinda dense and chewy... wooops, I'll blame my oven! I'd read a lot about red velvet cake on other blogs lately, it's something I'd never heard of let alone eaten. Certainly, mine did not turn out how it was supposed to but I will attempt to make it again (it tasted rather good in spite of the texture, there were no complaints, everyone had seconds and there's only a small slice left!). And it's bound to turn out better next time as I have a new best friend to help me out! Yes, allow me to introduce you to...

I haven't stopped grinning since she was delivered! I recently sent an SOS out asking if anyone had an old mixer hanging around that they weren't using, and within seconds of me clicking send I had a reply from my lovely AFWJ friend Betty! Betty, if you're reading this, thank you, thank you, thank you for making my wish come true! There's no stopping me now, oh I can't wait to get creative again!

PS Just in case you are wondering, we did eat lots of stuff other than cakes - we had little sandwiches with the crusts cut off, sausages made into rabbits, lots of healthy, bite-size finger foods such as cheese, Nigella's kiddie meatballs, mini-onigiri (rice balls), but yes, copious amounts of e-numbers and sugar did get wolfed down and barely a crumb was left. Maybe that's why M is still awake 2 hours after her bed time. Ah well, it's only once a year.


  1. Happy Birthday M!!

    I want to see inside the cake!

    Everything is so beautiful and that is one happy looking Birthday girl.

    I've always been intrigued by red velvet cake, too.

  2. Forgot to say so glad you got a Kitchen Aid- you deserve it. And so glad Betty's kitchenaid found a loving home. :)

  3. she s so cute! that cake is really nicely decorated :)

  4. Hi Heather,

    Thank you! Yeah, I should have included a shot of how it looks inside, I'll try to remember to do so later (before the kids polish of the last couple of slices)! Betty is my fairy godmother :-)

    Hi Snooky,

    Thanks! Well it's not my usual style, but M loved it! I'm sooo happy I'll be able to make fondant icing now that I have a mixer :D

  5. Aww isn't she gorgeous! She certainly won a lot of my reader's hearts and now she's 2! And congratulations on your new mixer baby! I am so excited for you and I can really imagine how delighted you are! :D xxx

  6. Lovely cake that you made! And, you're quite welcome on the Kitchen Aid front....I'm just glad that you wrote when you did and I had something to help out. It was a win-win situation!

  7. Hi Lorraine,

    Oh, I love, love love my mixer! And I've got a whole lot of baking to do over the next month, life is going to be so much easier! xxx

    Hi Betty,

    Thank you! Your mixer has pride of place on my kitchen counter, I might even give it a nick-name in your honour! xxx

  8. How interesting. I got my wife the exact same mixer. She loves it. The other day she was lowering the top part and it came crashing down on her finger (where the hinge is). The swears she let lose would have made George Carlin blush.