Tuesday, 19 January 2010

For your own good

I may well be preaching to the converted here (where I live is hardly a metropolis, it takes a while for anything interesting to find it's way from the city to our littlish island), but there is something I am just bursting to tell you about! On Sunday we spent the afternoon with friends, and they arrived with two large boxes of the most delicious pastries you could ever imagine - Beard Papa's cream puffs! Now I'm not usually a fan of this type of thing, I've never really gone in for fresh cream or custard... until I was introduced to these heavenly treats:

After our visitors left, there was one pastry remaining - a strawberry cream puff. Not strawberry flavour (yuck), but fresh, strawberry puree whipped into fresh cream. It is no more. Words fail me, you have to try one! There are branches of Beard Papa's globally now (http://www.beardpapa.com/index.php), so if you find yourself in the vicinity of one just walk in through those doors and indulge!


  1. Ahh I hear you! I hate faux strawberry but real strawberry with whipped cream sends me into a most pleasurable frenzy! :D

  2. Aren't they yum!!! Beardpapa opened a store in our town last July and my husband seems to be the one who comes home with them for a treat!!! I love that they have seasonal flavours too-chestnut, cofee, chocolate, walnut... sorry am I making you drool???

    If you're looking for a job why don't you open a franchise (you are overly qualified as it is all powedered and mixed with water!! but none the less tastes great!!!)I'll keep you in mind next time we endulge!!

    BTW the birthday cake that I wanted is owned by the same parent company

  3. Oh dear... oh dear oh dear oh dear... now I have a craving for strawberry cream puffs! ;)

  4. Hi Lorraine,

    Strawberry and banana flavourings should be outlawed for sure! But this cream was sublime, in a class of it's own... I highly recommend you check out one of their Sydney shops! xxx

    Hi Achan,

    Yes, you are! I would certainly consider taking on a franchise if we were to move back to the UK (and had the cash available), they've only got one shop there and that's in London. So you'd recommend 36 Sticks? They have a shop right next door to Beard Papa's (now I know why!) at our nearby Aeon mall, I'll have to check it out! xxx

    Hi Sarah,

    hehe, sorry about that! Go on, treat yourself :-) xxx

  5. These are by far one of my favorite treats of all! I usually get the set pack when I splurge... I like the cookie-crunchy bottom... I love 36 Sticks too... There are three malls within 15km... one has Beard Papas, the other.. Aeon mall has 36 Sticks... but these are our favorites.

    I have not tried the strawberry yet, oh it sure sounds DELISH.

  6. Hi April,

    My knees went weak... The world NEEDS to know about this place! ;-) I love the cookie-crunch ones too, but the kids got to those first (this time). xxx

  7. Right Anchan.. they are perfect.. they company has really perfected the puff and the cream... I really like the story behind the birth of it too... I first tried one a few years ago.. I don't know why but I never bought them before..

  8. I can't believe you only just found out about this place. :) I'ts my first stop when I go to Obihiro, my FIL's favourite place, he introduced me to it years ago. :) The original is my and his all-time fave. We used to have a store in Perth, but it closed down a couple of years ago, they really put it far away from the city so no-one knew about it. I had some in Singapore in September..mmm :)

  9. Hi Kelly,

    I know, I've been missing out! Our nearest shop has only been open a year, but still... It's right by the entrance to where I do my daily shop - my diet could be in BIG trouble! xxx