Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Warm thoughts

Today must have been one of the coldest days of this winter yet. I really, really don't like to be cold. I am miserable if I get cold toes. So before I dive back under the kotatsu, I just wanted to show you something I picked up in the shops today.

Obviously I am not alone in yearning for the spring to arrive - it would appear that new tactics are being employed to will this cold snap away. There I was, looking for some comfort snacks to munch on whilst warming my extremities, when I came across a display of the usual fare... but it was all pink! The packages all featured a huge cherry blossom tree, and the flavours were all... cherry blossom! OK, so the cherry blossom Kit Kat released last year was good, but how would this work with prawn cracker snacks (Ebi Sen) and the like? In spite of my diet, I just had to find out:

What we have here is a bag of Saya Endo, a salty rice based snack made with peas (and yes, they are shaped like pea pods). I am rather partial to a bag of these every now and then on the basis that they contain a vegetable and must therefor be good for me ;-) This particular bag is 'salty cherry blossom' flavour, and according to the label really does contain powders made from both the blossoms and leaves of the cherry tree. Reading a bit closer, I understand that this is part of a range of products designed to encourage students sitting entrance examinations, and that there is a supposedly sacred tree in Hokkaido to which one can ask for special help (some people will believe anything - personally, I feel that their time would be better spent doing a bit of extra revision).

Anyway, I ate them and indeed they did have a slightly floral taste to them. Not bad, but I'll stick with the regular flavour next time. At least as they disappeared to a warmer place, I was visualising the arrival of the warm sun as it wakes the flora around. Ahh, the power of the mind...


  1. Hi, I think I have commented here before, but probably not for a long time, anyway, I do enjoy seeing all your posts with the fabulous baking.

    How cool - I love that they look like pea pods! I have never seen these before, but since I am having cravings for salty foods, I might have to brave the cold here and hit the conbini to try find a packet.

    Fingers crossed it warms up soon....

  2. Hi! I love Saya Endo and can demolish a bag quite easily. I'm not sure if I am keen on the floral taste idea but the package certainly looks pretty. Maybe I will give it a try for a bit of excitement!

  3. Ohhh I am so with you on the cold feet thing! It was so cold here today that the icicles didn't even drip all day. @_@

    It may give your husband conniptions but I can't recommend fleece boots enough. I bought the girls and I some on the 'if they haven't been worn outdoors they're inside shoes' theory and this is the first winter we haven't had cracked sore cold feet, Lots of clomping around but hey- worth it for warm tootsies! They are going out really cheaply (990 yen) at discount shoe stores at the mo if there's one near you.

    You really can't imagine how much warmer you feel all over when your feet are warm- and it's more conducive to getting fit than kotatsu and snacks, too. ;P

  4. Angela, come back to Sydney. We're having a bit of a heatwave now! It's a bit too hot so somewhere between the two countries might be ideal :D I do love an authentically pea looking snack but I think I'd like it if it tasted more pea-y too and not with the floralness as you said :)

  5. Thank, TJ! You must give these a try (well, maybe not this particular flavour), you'll be hooked! Any other cravings? I never really had any strange ones... xxx

    Hi shufu,

    Yes, the packaging is indeed pretty and I am a sucker when it comes to the weird flavour combinations they throw at us here! xxx

    Hi Heather,

    haha, you are so right! In fact, I've just come home with some feather futons for my feet - pictures to follow! xxx

    Hi Lorraine,

    Oh I would sooo love to go back! What I wouldn't give to be dipping my toes in the sea at Balmoral Beach... Hope you'ree managing to keep cool enough! xxx