Friday, 26 February 2010

Nearly 40

There's a lot sitting in my camera waiting to be shared here, but the for last couple of weeks I have been dealing with poorly children and a severe lack of sleep and so whether you will get to see those photos or not remains to be seen.

Yesterday, according to my husband, I turned 'Nearly 40'. I take issue with this, as I still have another two years to go! But in spite of his comment, I did have a lovely day. Actually, it started a couple of weeks ago when my present fron K was delivered - a bread maker, and you wouldn't believe how happy this appliance has made me! There is absolutely nothing in this world nicer to wake up to than freshly baked bread (spread with butter, of course)... I fear for my waistline! Although I had nothing special planned, it was a day full of little surprises and treats (actually, the first surprise turned up on my doorstep the evening before), and although I would have given anything to be enjoying an Indian take-away with my friends back in the UK, I went to bed very happy!

A blogger friend caused me to rush out to the shops to buy the ingredients for a recipe I'd seen recently on NQN's blog (, and while we were out I was enticed by a cream puff from Beard Papa (premium chocolate, mmmmmmmmmmmmm)... I this is allowed on occasions such as nearly 40 birthdays :-)

The Tim Tam Cookie Pops were a doddle to make, and the kids could barely contain their excitement when I brought them to the table after dinner.

I must say, though, that I will not be sharing any more with M as she is far too wasteful:

Honestly, I felt so loved yesterday - I had so many cards, messages, phone calls, and beautiful and thoughtful presents.... it really was a special day!

Oh, and I thought I'd share with you the card my sister sent me (cheeky!):

Very nice, you might think...inside it reads, "Hallucinating and loss of reality are early signs of brain cell loss in women your age."


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm also 'practicing' being 40 a few years early!

  2. ha ha. Cute card. Won't show it to my husband, though. Don't want to give him ideas.

  3. I missed your b-day... I'm so sorry... Happy belated Birthday A = )

    I think you and I are near the same age... I heard mid 30's was the new late 20's?

  4. Too wasteful I agree but she sure looks like she is having fun!!! I may have tohave a reason to do them too!!!

    Happy Nearly 40!!! (thank goodness my hubby didn't say that to me last month!!) Glad to hear that you had a great day in so many ways.

  5. Happy Nearly 40 Angela! :D Wow, a breadmaker is a wonderful gift too! And lol at the pic of M with the cookie pops on her hands. I'm glad that they were easy to make! :) xxx