Sunday, 14 February 2010

One-sided Valentine

This year was the first year K didn't do anything for me on Valentine's Day. The tradition here is that women give chocolates to men, and then the men reciprocate with cookies on White Day (14th March), but K has always acknowledged that that's not how we Western women do things and bought me some nice choccies... but not this year. Well, if that's how he's going to play things, then I shall be expecting the traditional sankai gaishi (three-fold return) gift. Haha!

K didn't do badly today. He got some hand-made nama choco (truffles) made by my own fair hand (actually it was a joint effort by the Mama & Me group, we joined forces to make them), some chocolate beer:

which was far, far tastier than we could ever have imagined (dark and rich, mmmm), and a special dinner:

The above was my attempt at a tower of sushi, but I didn't have a suitable mould so layered it in a bowl and tipped it out before decorating. Very, very easy to make, just prepare some sushi rice and layer it with whatever you fancy. I used raw tuna, salmon and scallops, some chopped egg and mayonnaise, avocado, shredded lettuce and shiso, and salmon roe.

I wonder what he'll be cooking for me in return ;-) (Yes K, if you're reading this you can take that as a challenge!)


  1. wow.

    double wow.

    I would think that times three? Hmmmmm..... you are in for something special come White day!

  2. Aww how fabulous that he got you a present! That chocolate beer sounds intriguing. I don't usually like beer but have liked the raspberry beer that I've tried and I suspect I'd love this chocolate beer! Happy Valentines Day! :D xxx

  3. That chocolate beer looks like it might be quite good! Will have to have a scout around. Your sushi tower looks devine

  4. Hi Heather,

    I reckon... but he may need some coaching! ;-) xxx

    Hi Lorraine,

    He didn't!! hahaha... The beer is really gooood, reminds me of Guinness, hic. I'm dying to know what you cooked on Sunday - did you celebrate both Valentine's and New Year? Looking forward to you posting about it! xxx

    Hi shufu,

    I can recommend the beer - I got it from Marunaka, of all places! xxx

  5. OH.. that is my fav, avocado, tuna, and sorts of various sushi (sashimi) -- yum, the salmon and the roe, it looks like something I used to get in Cali!

  6. The chocolate beer seems really interesting!