Monday, 8 February 2010

She's potty

Rather chilly here this morning, so have been playing with M to keep warm. Played peek-a-boo under the kotatsu:

Even she decided that it was too cold to strip off for the potty (I don't know who told her that all clothes need removing when going about her business), and she came up with her own version of a heated potty:

Yes, she's tucked under the kotatsu. Very clever, or at least I think so :-)


  1. She's a genious!! and she's gorgeous!! and with that smile you know that she likes her invention and will probably use it more often!!

  2. Aww she's still as adorable as ever and so clever too-just like mum! Thanks for sharing your pics of your darling little angel M! :D xxx

  3. So cute!!

    And I'm with M- I want a toilet sized kotatsu..... it should definitely be invented for these old houses, hey?

  4. Hi Achan,

    hehehe, I like to think so! And it would be sooo nice to be able to ditch the nappies! xxx

    Hi Lorraine,

    Thank you! I don't normally like to bore you all with photos of my kids, but I was just having one of those moments... so happy and thankful for my little ray of sunshine! xxx

    Hi Heather,

    Yes! I'm seriously thinking of pinching her idea and providing a cozy blanket in the loo! xxx