Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sumer time...

... and the living is... hot and sticky! There's supposedly a typhoon on it's way and, although we are not in it's predicted path, it is extremely muggy and humid. Will be nice to have the rain over and done with and the air cleared. The heat doesn't seem to bother the kids, though - they spent the afternoon running around the house playing hide and seek whilst I refereed from under the air con unit. They let M join in, it was so funny. She gets that the idea is to hide, but hasn't twigged yet that although she can't see anything, it is pretty obvious where she is :-) I was very impressed at her attempts, here are a couple (sorry the pictures are a little blurred, I had the camera on the wrong setting):

in the shoe cupboard (that's as far as the door would shut)...

and my personal favourite, under the living room rug!

To help cool everybody down, J made dessert for everyone after dinner - parfaits all round (this was one of his homework tasks for the holiday)! He helped make some frozen yoghurt this morning, and then used it to make the parfaits by layering it with cornflakes (it's a Japanese thing!), mango, chocolate sauce and the obligatory sprinkles, and he was as pleased as punch with the result!

The frozen yoghurt was very simple to make (just 200ml whipped cream, 200ml yoghurt and 5 tablespoons sugar stirred together and thrown in the ice-cream maker), no cooking required.

Oh, and I finally persuaded him to let me cut his hair and he's now looking very handsome!


  1. Hehe I used to do things like that. I thought if I couldn't see them they couldn't see me! Sigh, I wish we had some of the heat here! I'm getting sick of Winter (which is probably how you're feeling about Summer round about now!) :P

  2. cutie pie!
    Parfait sounds good too ;P

  3. that is gorgeous!!

    We have been hiding teddy bears to find and Amy still can't bear to wait and let you find it yourself- she is just jumping out of her pants and pointing and yelling ''NO!! Over here!!!"

    What a handsome guy you've got there and I think making parfaits as homework sounds fabulous!!