Friday, 20 August 2010

That's refreshing

A few weeks ago, Gaijin Houswife In Japan introduced me to Biore Powder Sheets, and I will be forever in her debt. They are amazing. I have just been outside to clean the rabbits and returned inside the house dripping, but after a quick wipe down with one of these sheets I am feeling and smelling as fresh as a daisy! K was impressed when I first tried them out, thought they would be good for the boys to use after football, if only they didn't smell so... girly? Then I remembered, there is a masculine version too - Gatsby Body Paper! Haha, these adverts really make me laugh! Especially the Face Wash version :-D

He's still got it, don't you think?

K bought a new lid for the bath yesterday. For those not in Japan, we cover the bath to keep the water hot for the next person, and to stop the room steaming up, or at least that's what I thought...

Turns out that the lid is supposed to be a cunning disguise. Waddaya know?


  1. I'm so glad you like the powder sheets!

  2. You know I so miss Japanese baths! I saw them in the spa of a resort and got so excited! :P

  3. Shufuinjapan, summer here in Japan has suddenly become so much bearable thanks to these wonderous sheets! xxx

    Hi Lorraine, I can't handle life without a Japanese bath - when we built an extension to our house in the UK we made sure to have one fitted! There's nothing nicer than being submerged up to the neck in hot water! :-)