Friday, 10 April 2009


It's quiet. M is asleep and the boys are both at school - time for a break! Started the day at 6.00am in order to get everyone fed, dressed and out the door by 7.10 They have to be in their classrooms by 7.50). Up until now I have been driving J the 2.5km to school, however at the entrance ceremony we were 'treated' to speeches from various dignitaries, all of which made a HUGE deal about how they should all walk to school and not come by car (barely a mention of 'Let's work/play hard!')... I don't think any of these old guys have ever walked the route that the children have to take. As well as being a long way (and in a month's time the temperatures will be soaring), they have to walk along a busy main road which has no proper path as well as cross a dual carriageway. So, I've decided to walk the school run with them - that's an extra 10km a day for me, so the weight had better fall off! It's fine weather for walking, sunny but not too hot. And the sakura hasn't all fallen yet, so it's very pretty:

J doesn't finish until 4.00pm today, seem long to me... he's only 8...

Here they are in all their finery. W has a yellow cover on his backpack to show that he is in first grade. Pika pika!

I've had a very productive morning, getting 3 loads of washing done, making a batch of hot cross buns (should be ready to go in the oven very soon - just in time for lunch!), and dying eggs for the boys to decorate when they get home from school. Feeling very smug and domesticated!


  1. I wish spring would stick around FOREVER, like being in Cali = ) The pictures look fabulous = ) You have a perfect family, two boys and one girl!

  2. Cute uniforms! Do your kids go to a private school? The only regulation wear my kids have ever had for elementary has been the yellow ichinensei backpack cover...

  3. I hear you on the walking thing. I'm all for a bit of exercise in the morning to clear their heads before classes start but I'm not up to putting their safety at risk to do it!

    Your boys look so cute in their uniforms. Is W excited to be going along with his big brother?

    And watch those Hotcross buns. Horrible evil little things they will try and undo all that walking goodness!

  4. oh the boys are adorable :) wow really productive what a super mum! :) I love hot cross buns ahhh

  5. Hehe good on you! There's something so satisfying about being on top of everything, where you feel like you've truly earnt the title of Domestic Goddess :) Your boys look so cute in their uniforms!