Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Very quickly...

... as it's been a long day. Too tired to write much, but I've just got to post something to get rid of the photo I posted yesterday - that beast is there greeting me each time I log on!

W had his entrance ceremony for elementary school today:

And this time I made sure I was sufficiantly covered!

Off to bed... xx


  1. You are looking lovely as ever- I see that you COVERED up-- you did not need to but you look lovely either way! What a cute family, your daughter is so beautiful, and such a handsome boy as well.

  2. oh... P.S. where did you get your SATC flower broach? I love it..

  3. How exciting- a new chapter in your life. And I'm with GJ- you didn't need to cover up but at the same time you look really chic doing it.

  4. Thank you ladies! Hahaha, I didn't manage to offend anyone this time! GJ, the broch is from Claire's Accessories, only a cheapie but more my style than the pastel ones all the other mums were wearing.

  5. Very cute pictures Angela! Not only did you cover up but you did it in such style too! That ought to show those busybodies! ;)