Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Great balls of fire!

I was a bit short on time yesterday, but had dessert to make for a church dinner. With a couple of egg whites sitting in the fridge, I decided to make some meringues that could be topped with some whipped double cream and fresh fruit. Remembered that I'd got a recipe for microwave meringues clipped from BBC Good Food waiting to be tried! Apparently, so, so, so easy and unbelievably quick to make. I have never had any reason to doubt their recipes, so I doubled the recipe and went for it.


I put the first few balls in and set them off on high for 11/2 minutes. As promised, within seconds they were puffing up magnificently. The next time I looked, at only 50 seconds, they were ON FIRE!!! Blimey. Maybe my oven is too powerful... I reduced the setting to 600 watts and tried again. Burnt again, although I stopped the oven before there were any flames, and as soon as the door opened they fell as flat as pancakes. One last try on 500 watts, and although they didn't burn neither did they stay puffed up. Binned the rest of the mixture and decided to make a fruit salad.

If anyone else is brave enough to give these a try, please let me know how you get on!


  1. Sounds like an adventure in the kitchen! I think I'll make sure I have a fire extinguisher on hand before I attempt those.... fruit salad sounds much safer!

  2. Oh my gosh A!!! I hope everything is okay = ) Goodness, luck you did not step out for a second.... me.. a klutz, try them... Only when darling hubs is home so I can go and hide in he corner if I set the oven on fire.. hehe

  3. Oh no! That would be really scary, I hope you are ok? I got all excited at the idea of making them in the microwave but I will stay away now.