Tuesday, 17 February 2009


The washing is on the line. The house is clean. M is asleep. I've got dinner in the bag. What's the catch? I'm never this organised, and it's only Tuesday! I'm sitting here in the freezing cold living room (although the sun is shining outside), having just watched huge flakes of snow fall thickly from the sky. Two days ago, spring was here! Am I actually awake?

Anyway, the Valentine's dinner was a massive hit. M polished off the wagyu burger, mmmmming throughout, and K was massively impressed. Mine looked nothing like NQN's creation, but as there was not even a smudge left on any of the plates, I think is is safe to say that they tasted better than the usual fare:

Very, very cute friend Hiroko called round with some delish choccies she'd made, which rounded off the dinner nicely. I was reminded of a scene from Monty Python's 'The Meaning of Life', when Mr Creosote dines in a restaurant - 'But Sir, it is only wafer thin!'. Fortunately, no-one exploded.

Consumed copious amounts of chocolate over the weekend. There's still a lot left in the house, which as we know is fatal when dieting, but it's time to try and get back to healthy eating!

This meal consists of my usual marinaded tofu, with stir-fried shimeiji mushrooms, spinach and kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) simmered in milk and topped with some grated cheese. See, I am trying!


  1. The burger looks mighty divine.. oh p.s. on the brownie, the first recipe is more cake like, the second should give you a nice more moist brownie = )

    I am so happy darling hubs loved your sweetheart dinner (the only bad comment hubs made to me was-- and this is after the ahhh OOOOO when he stuffed every bit of pizza down ,was oh, perhaps the sauce could use a bit of salt-- I think he is so used to TOO much salt anything NORM taste like it is lacking salt)!

    Kabocha is one of my favorites, I could eat it anyway, have you tried kaocha salad?

    Everything looks wonderful!

  2. YAY I'm so glad that you liked the burgers. They look amazing! :)