Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Truely indulged

I'm on a roll - twice in one day! Well, there's been a lot of food today...

The first day of Lent is not a good day to have a birthday when you have given up chocolate! I was greeted by my brood first thing, each presenting me with a box of choccies - will have to get K to hide them very well and NOT tell me where they are. Then this morning it was my mum's group and one of the mums made me a beautiful cake, so unexpected it made me cry:

We decided to save the cake so that I could show the family at dinner time, and so we dined on lemon cheesecake. In the afternoon, a lady from our church called round with some sekihan she had made for me. Sekihan is a special rice dish, eaten at times of celebration. It's made with mochi rice (glutinous) and adzuki beans, and sometimes golden chestnuts:

We ate the sekihan with our Yoshikei dinner, which today consisted of Beef Stroganoff served with an egg salad and vegetable soup:

Again, the men of the family enjoyed every last bit (M is on a bit of a hunger strike at the moment, little madam) leaving just enough room to polish of the entire cake - yum!

Back on the diet tomorrow...


  1. Wow- what an amazing cake and feel the love, hey? Hope the warm gooey feeling of being loved by all these people gets you over your chocolate cravings!

  2. Oh A, this is amazing, it is your birthday? Or was your b-day 25th of Feb? Oh Happy B-Day!!!! The cake looks divine, and looks like a fabulous diet to me!

  3. Happy Birthday Angela!! Hope it's filled with lots of good things :) Wow, you are surrounded by such lovely people. That cake looks marvellous and that rice dish looks delicious!